About Pincuisine

Our Philosophy

We envision our culinary service to be a holistic experience where PinPloyees find it easy to live well and discover. We have adopted principles that focus on engineering our menus to create a more sustainable food supply, provide delicious, nutrient-dense meals for all, and protect the health of our planet. Our team is committed to the well being of all who walk in our doors, that’s why we focus on seasonal, local, and scratch-made cooking.


Fresh & Seasonal

PinCuisine is farm to flavor. From soil to soup, we prepare your meals fresh from scratch every day. Food plays a large part in our culture. It’s the thread that brings us together and the energy that keeps us going. Eating seasonally means our chefs build menus around foods that have been harvested at their peak so you can enjoy the full nutritional and flavorful benefits of each ingredient. Eating seasonally is better for you, the community and the environment.

Locally Sourced Ingredients

We feature local and seasonal produce in our menus to promote awareness of the rising trend in “Eat Local” initiatives across the country. Local produce is fresher, tastes better, supports the community, and is better for the environment. PinPloyees are very savvy and food chain transparency is important. PinCuisine has a robust portfolio of local partnerships to bring the best meats to the table. As the saying goes, “Happy cows come from California”

Harnessing the 
Power in Plants

Our goal is to increase folks’ access to fruits and vegetables, by focusing on globally inspired and plant-based cooking. The world has over 50,000 edible plants. Three of them – rice, maize, and wheat – provide a whopping 60 percent of the world’s food energy intake. To help PinPloyees discover new foods, PinCuisine incorporates a large variety of rare whole grains into our menus.